Matrix Electrical provides this service for many of our clients on a periodic basis, which greatly enhances the appearance and ambience of any location. This is particularly true in any location where the public make use of your facilities.

Group Relamping
Lumen depreciation, colour shift over life and cost reduction are the main reasons that a user should consider a group relamping program. When a lighting installation is new, the light level is high and the quality of the light is excellent. Over life, lamps suffer a decrease in efficacy (lumens per watt) caused by both the loss of the light producing chemicals within the arc tube and darkening of the inner walls of standard arc tubes. Most metal halide lamps will decrease to around 60% of initial rated light output at about half of rated life.

The answer to this problem is a group relamping program in which the client relamps the entire installation at one time, usually sometime between 60% and 70% of rated life. This plan has a number of advantages:

Cost Effectiveness
Group relamping greatly reduces spot relamping labor costs because all lamps are replaced before they reach the point in life where failures are accelerating. In addition, the cost of energy is by far the largest portion of maintaining a lighting system. If lamps are not group relamped, almost half of this energy will be wasted on lamps that are performing below their designed level. As an example, an average 400 watt metal halide lamp consumes €800 of energy over its rated life. About €320 of this is wasted on lamps not providing optimum performance. With group relamping, a new lamp and the labour to install it is generally less than 5% of the total energy cost. Group relamping also saves downtime because it can be scheduled over a weekend or shutdown period.

When lamps are of similar light output and colour, a lighting installation looks better. Shopping centres, retail stores and even gas stations with canopies are retail spaces that are trying to attract customers. The quality of the lighting says much about the store and the merchandise. Group relamping maintains the quality of light in a space infinitely better than spot relamping.

Improved Light Levels
An installation that is properly group relamped will have better maintained light levels than one which is not. Higher light levels have been associated with increased safety, higher productivity and an increased sense of security. Since it costs the same amount of energy to run a fully lumen depreciated lamp as a new lamp of the same wattage, doesn’t it make sense to install the higher lumen output lamp in the socket?

ETCI National Rules for Electrical Installations (Third Edition) ET 101:2008, Amendments to Feb 2015, Chapter 62 states “It is recommended that the installation be inspected and tested periodically as appropriate to the use and environment to ensure that it still complies with these rules.”

Health & Safety Regulation, S.I. No. 299/2007 Safety Health and Welfare at work (General Application) Regulations. was signed into law in Ireland, and states that all companies and persons responsible for health, safety and welfare have been legally obliged to have all electrical appliances and installations regularly checked – and the records kept for five years.

Multiple Branch Clients
For Clients with multiple branch locations Matrix can provide full scheduled programmed visits to carry out Relamping in conjunction with a host of other services which can be carried out at the same time. This saves the client additional costs of having multiple contractors attending site.

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