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Commercial & Industrial

General Power
At Matrix Electrical we can accept power from your chosen provider, distribute to main distribution boards and extend to sub-distribution boards as and when required. We can also supply and install all sub-distribution cabling and panels to form 3, 4, 4a, 4b, 4c to comply with ETCI, RECI, IEC439-1 and specified metering standards. We also include power factor correction within panels and generator auto-changeover facility as required.

Comms Room Power
Through our vast experience of providing power to the nerve centres of many businesses, we have developed our own unique approach to these specialist fit outs. We follow stringent specifications issued by consultants or global specifications from clients. Distribution boards, final termination points to comms cabinets and earthing to comms equipment are covered. Comms Rooms, can be handed over to clients up to two weeks prior to project completion to allow adequate time for the installation and test of essential IT equipment.

Emergency Generators and UPS systems
Business continuity planning is key, particularly in the event of a complete electrical mains failure. We can install back-up generators to guarantee continuity of electrical supply as well as a range of UPS systems to protect computer systems from the problems associated with power loss. Professional staff from Matrix will carry out a complete audit of your requirements and ensure that power distribution is adequate to cover such eventualities. We have provided coverage for entire buildings or selective comms rooms, dealing desks and ventilation systems.

Exterior, Interior and Emergency Lighting
We can supply and install a complete range of functional or decorative interior lighting to enhance your business premises. Whether you require surfacemounted or recess-mounted luminaires, fluorescent, halogen or H.I.D., we will recommend a cost-effective lighting solution to complement your office, boardroom or workshop. We only work with best-inclass suppliers such as Philips, Glamox and Zumtobel who manufacture to the highest specification.

On exterior floodlighting, we work with both international and domestic manufacturers including Philips and Veelite to illuminate areas such as car park spaces or loading bays. We offer a full range of lamptypes, extension arms and accessories to provide high-efficiency illumination for all applications.

Fast, safe evacuation of office premises is critical in the event of an emergency. We can recommend the installation of interior emergency escape-route lighting, which conforms to the highest standards and security specifications. All systems are commissioned to IS 3217 standards.

Fire Alarm Systems
The installation of an addressable or conventional fire alarm system, consistent with regulatory guidelines clearly demonstrates your commitment to maintaining the safety of your facility. Matrix staff can carefully design, install and commission a system, which will protect employees and guard against the destruction of valuable business assets. Smoke and heat detection devices can provide early warning signals allowing you to quickly react to the possibility of danger. We can also devise an ongoing maintenance programme to ensure continued reliability and optimal performance. All systems are commissioned to IS 3218.

Intrusion Detection
Matrix can design and install a full line of external and internal security solutions. We include door and window alarms as well as motion detectors to prevent unauthorised access to your premises. All systems are commissioned to IS 199.

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Access Control System
Controlling access to certain areas of your premises may be necessary to maintain the integrity of sensitive information or protect employees from potentially harmful situations. As part of our portfolio, we include a full range of access control solutions from traditional keypad units and card reader systems to photo ID badging.

Closed Circuit Television allows you to view and monitor multiple areas of your premises from a centralised facility. Camera surveillance not only provides you with a more controlled working environment but can also lower the risk of property damage, theft, unauthorised employee access and as a result significantly reduce insurance premiums.

Maintenance and Support
Ongoing maintenance and support of any security system is critical. A sensible maintenance programme not only helps to ensure ongoing safety of employees but can also help to decrease the instance of false alarms, reduce operating costs and potentially extend the life cycle of your system. We take a pro-active approach to technical support with regular on-site audits and continued assessment for growing companies.